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Career Opportunities

International Apparel Search

              Wayne Wilson
               International Apparel Search

              Steve Burgess
                Sr. Executive Search Consultant
                Special Projects

              Steve Wassman
                Executive Apparel Search Consultant
                Special Projects

              John Bando
                 Sr. Executive Apparel Search Consultant
                 Special Projects

              Colleen Lucas
                 Executive Apparel Search Consultant
                 Special Projects

              Merlin Tischler
                 Executive Apparel Search Consultant
                 Special Projects

              Maggie Rubenstein
                 Administration/Business Office


President Apparel Division
VP of Finance
VP of Human Resourses
VP of Benefits and Compensation
VP of Operations
VP of Merchandising
VP of Marketing
VP of Manufacturing
VP of Design
VP of Technical Design
VP of Technical Services
VP of Sourcing
VP of Production
VP of Distribution Services
VP of Sales
Sr Director in Store Presentations
Director of Customer Insight and Trends
Director of Apparel Division
Director of Supply Chain
Director of Sales
Director of Marketing
Director of Catalog
Director of Distribution
Director of Sourcing
Director of E-Commerce
Director of Logistics
Director of Engineering
Director of Production
Director of Complience 
Director of Customer Experience
Director of Design
Director of Technical Design
Director of Customs and Logistics
Director of Quality Control
Director of Production
Director of Manufacturing
Art Director
Creative Director
Sr Product Managers
Product Managers
Brand Managers
Trend Managers
Product Development
Production Managers
Production Planners
Product Line Managers
Asst. Production Managers
Director Fabric Development
Fabric Development
Fabric Design
Fabric Engineer
Wash Specialist
Sr Manager Technical Design
Sr Technical Design
Lead Technical Design
Technical Design
QC Manager
Sr QC Specialist
QC Supervisor
QC Auditor
Manufacturing Engineer
Warehouse/Distribution Engineer 
Trim Development Manager
Trim Development
Corporate Recruiter

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